6 Common Myths About Growing a Beard

Let’s dive in to debunk some of the most common myths you may have heard or still believe about growing a beard and discover the pure truth. Don’t let this fantasies hinder or discourage you from embarking on your quest to grow the ultimate beard.

MYTH #1: Shaving makes beard grow back thicker and quicker

While it may appear that way, there’s actually no scientific evidence that shaving helps your beard grow back thicker or quicker, only time and genetics do that.

MYTH #2: Beards get too hot in the summer

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a hairy beard makes you feel hotter in the summer. On the contrary, beards help you stay relatively cool by providing shade and acting as a evaporative cooling mechanism when you sweat.

MYTH #3: Beards are dirty and gross

Looking at a James Harden style beard, all one can think about is all the dirt, germs, and food particles that must be hidden within. It’s true if you don’t clean your beard regularly – the same can be said for hair, face, and body. Use a quality beard wash like Billy Jealousy Beard Wash and conditioner like Detroit Grooming Beard Conditioner w Biotin on a regular basis and it was stay perfectly clean.

MYTH #4: Beards are itchy and uncomfortable

If you beard is itchy, scratchy, and scruffy, it’ll be super uncomfortable. Little beard itch is normal and temporary during early stages of beard growth. However, persistent beard itch is typically indicative of a grooming problem. Most likely your beard and skin beneath are malnourished and in need of some moisture. Applying a quality beard oil like Prophet & Tools Premium Beard Oil will help keep your beard healthy and alleviate the beard itch.

MYTH #5 Beard growth oils/pills/products accelerate beard growth

Tread carefully with growth oils/pills/products as they aren’t backed by science. Don’t waste money on something that overpromises and underdelivers and in some cases doesn’t deliver at all. Instead, consume biotin and collagen supplements that actually help beards grow to their full potential.

MYTH #6 There’s nothing you can do to promote beard growth

This is somewhat true. You have control over some variants while others are out of your control. Check out this blog post about methods and treatments for growing a better beard faster. 

Ultimately, don’t be misinformed about growing a beard and don’t get diverted by these fake statements.

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