7 Grooming Mistakes to Avoid at ALL Costs

You may have a fleet of exotic cars, bulging muscles, or dress fresh, but any one of these men’s grooming fiascos could derail you. The grooming gurus at Allvendi share what landmines to avoid at ALL costs. 

1. THE UNIBROW: If you’re the unlucky owner of a unibrow, it’s time to do some partitioning. To remove unwanted hairs, use tweezers to grip hairs at their root and pull in the direction of hair growth. Step back and access after a few pulls. Waxing or threading are two other options. Turn that uni-brow to eyebrow-s.

2. EXCESSIVE NOSE HAIR: If you got hair strands peeking out of your nostrils, it’s time for a pruning. To eliminate pesky hairs, use a nose hair trimmer. You may consider getting a nose wax (far painless than you imagine).

3. NECK HAIR: A great hair style and a hairy neck is not a good combo. Grab a trimmer or razor to clean up that bushy, unkempt neck area in-between haircuts.

4. BAD BREATH: Having a pungent bad breath almost always ends up being a turn-off. Brush regularly, scrub your tongue, gargle with mouthwash, and chew minty gum. If bad breath persists, press the red button and go see a dentist.

5. UNCUT NAILS: Overgrown nails look dirty as gunk accumulate beneath the fingernail. Nails especially come into focus during handshakes and other gestures. Maintain clean and trimmed nails but don’t cut them too short because that can be a painful experience. 

6. B.O.: A quick whiff of body odor will have everyone around you avoid you like the plague. Wash your pits and groin area regularly with a nice, scented body wash or soap. If a deodorant isn’t effective, try a different one. You may use cologne or other scented products to mask your BO but remember it won’t be long before the BO comes creeping back. 

7. TOO MUCH COLOGNE: Applying cologne is an excellent addition to your grooming routine that will attract the ladies. But douse yourself with cologne and you’ll get a counter effect. Apply 2-4 spritzes of your favorite cologne 3-6 inches away on pulse points such as neck and inner wrist. For scents that’ll have the ladies attracted to you like sharks on blood, check out top colognes on Allvendi.

Thinking any of this grooming no-nos won’t go noticed is a foolish gamble that’ll ultimately have you feeling regretful.

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