Complete Guide to Men's Grooming

Beard Care: Only for the bearded beasts!

  • Make sure to wash and condition your beard daily for a healthy, hydrated beard. Using bath soap or body wash on your beard will cause it to become dry and brittle as it strips away necessary oils. Avoid this at all costs! Beard wash and conditioner is the way to go for a fuller, nourished beard minus the usual beard-druff or beard itch.
  • After a hot shower, use beard oil to keep your beard moisturized throughout the day. The oil also promotes beard growth and helps tame the beastly beards as they grow. Enjoy the soft, groomed look that attracts everyone’s eyes.
  • Time for date night? Apply some beard balm or beard wax to shape and style your beard for your date. Control that frizz and force the beard straight for a clean, classy look.

    Shave: Get rid of that extra, unnecessary hair!

    • To those of you who have sensitive skin, use the pre-shave products to protect your skin and soften your beard to prepare for the blade. Pre-shave will help reduce irritation during shaving and prevent any nasty cuts or nicks.
    • Now it’s time to slice those ugly hairs off your skin. Apply some shaving cream, soaps, or oils to put a thin protective layer between your skin and the blade. Make sure to shave in the direction your hair grows and never against the grain. The cream will help keep your shave smooth and reduce any friction.
    • Now that you have your baby face back, you’ve got to use some cool, refreshing aftershave. This will help reduce any post-shave irritation and prevent any infections of cuts. 

    Skincare: Pimples, scars, & dry skin needs to go!

    • Once a day face wash and exfoliating is necessary to keep your face clean and to avoid dirt or grease from settling in your pores. We recommend night-time before bed. Neglecting skincare will leave you with new acne every morning. When exfoliating make sure to use only light pressure since rubbing too hard can irritate your skin, making things worse.
    • Next step is moisturizing. Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize. If you don’t moisturize, your skin will start drying out and flaking. It will also keep your skin looking brighter and younger. Give your skin the hydration it needs to keep your skin healthy.
    • It's never too late to repair your skin. Fight dark circles, aging wrinkles, and broken skin with the right products. Make sure to protect your skin with sunscreen!

    Bath & Body: Don’t walk around with that B.O.!

    • Wash away all that dirt and sweat you accumulated from a hard day’s work. Revitalize your skin and give your body a boost of energy. Soothe your body and give it a refreshing, clean scent.
    • Again don’t forget to moisturize! Help soothe and hydrate your skin. Allow your overheated body to recover.
    • Keep your pits dry and from turning into smelly jungles. Use some fresh scented deodorant or antiperspirant to keep that B.O. away throughout the day. 

    Hair Care: For that Hollywood hairstyle!

    • Clean, voluminous hair is important if you want to look like movie actors. All that dirt, grime, and sweat needs to be washed away daily using shampoo (for men) to help your hair look luscious and healthy. 
    • Conditioner (for men) will help keep your hair moisturized and will prevent it from getting dry and brittle. Condition for a sleek, smooth look.
    • Last but not least, styling. You’ve got to tame your hair for that first date. Style your hair using hair pomade, wax, or gel to impress your date and show off your confidence and class.
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