Complete Men’s Skincare Routine to Look Young and Active

It is not much about looking younger than it's about being more energetic and looking well-rested which shows that you have got all the positive energy to work and take things ahead.

Although life changes like a balanced diet and regular exercise can help you step back in the game, there are also lots of non-surgical treatments available in the market to give you that rested and relaxed look. For a long time, cosmetic products were considered a female-oriented area, which may be true to some extent, but the percentage of male customers is rising day by day and more people are investing in cosmetic products to look better. But the goal is a bit different on both sides. While females want to younger, their male counterparts prefer a more rested and relaxed look. Men don’t want to eliminate lines, they want to maintain their rugged looks but in a softened way.

According to research data, men’s faces show fewer signs of aging as compared to women’s. According to skin specialists, men’s skin is 20 to 30% thicker as compared to women’s that makes them less prone to sagging and wrinkles formation. However, men still develop fine lines and wrinkles with time. And it's better to get rid of those fine lines as soon as they start to develop. It will help to keep things under control and it will be easier. Men should use skincare products designed to reduce the signs of aging to get a more youthful look. Skincare products are a convenient and less risky method as compared to cosmetic surgeries. 

Most men experience the issue of dryness on this skin. It is mainly because they use a soap-based cleanser that makes skin dry. Try to use a non-drying cleanser, like Urth Invigorating Daily Cleanser, in the morning and apply a quality preshave oil while your skin is still damp. Using products that are rich in essential oils will help to reduce razor burns and make your skin soft and moisturized.

Most of the male population does not use a sunscreen that leads to scarring and tanning. Everyone should invest in a good quality sunscreen and you will feel the magical results within a short time. Use one with SPF of at least 35 and apply it generously on your face and all the exposed body parts.

Importance of night care routine for skin

If you follow a proper night skincare routine, it will do wonders on your skin and you will experience the magical impact within a few weeks. A night skincare routine is not only essential for women but it is integral for men as well. And your dream to get movie-star looking skin will be achieved.

Cleanser + exfoliator

A good cleanser is essential for everyone as it helps to get rid of all the dirt and debris that settles on the skin during the long day hours. Most of the people prefer gel cleanser since they are not harsh on the skin and don’t make it dry. They are best suited for almost all skin types. Pour out a small amount of cleanser on your face and rub it gently in an upward motion for about 90 seconds. Then rinse it off with cold water. Hot water should not be used on the skin as it can lead to the opening of pores.

There are different kinds of exfoliators available in the market. Use a quality exfoliator like Urth Deep Cleansing Facial Scrub to slough off the layer of dead skin cells to reveal glowing skin underneath. 


After washing your face or taking shower, quickly dry your face and apply a small amount of toner with a cotton pad or ball on your face and neck. Toner removes any excess oil and dirt on your skin and helps in the absorbance of other products such as moisturizers and serums. Brickell Balancing Toner and Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner are both excellent choices. 


I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of serum for your skin. Just like our bodies need multivitamins and minerals; our skin needs serums and essential oils. Men should invest in a good quality vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acid serum. It magically helps to fade age spots and scars making them light enough to be unnoticeable. Use only a pea-sized amount and apply it after the toner dries up. Allvendi has a lineup of top serums to keep you looking young forever. 

Eye cream

After serum, the next step in your night skincare routine is eye cream. Dermatologists recommend the use of anti-wrinkle eye creams once you hit your twenties. Eye wrinkles are the first to appear and give the most accurate estimate about one’s age. So, it’s advisable to use eye creams to hide those fine wrinkles that develop around the eyes. It will take time to see any visible changes but over time, you will experience that there aren’t many wrinkles around your eyes as compared to others of the same age. Eye cream will help to reduce the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes in the morning.

Spot treatment

You can use either a serum or a spot treatment since they fasten up the process. It is a small investment but makes a lot of difference. Benzoyl peroxides and salicylic acid are a good choice for spot reduction treatment.


This is the last and the most important step of your skincare routine. And without a good moisturizer, no other treatment will work on you. All treatments work best on well-moisturized skin. Use a moisturizer in the morning and evening or whenever you feel your skin dry and less hydrated. Allvendi has several great moisturizers to choose based on your preference.

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