How to Grow a Healthy Beard

The Ultimate Beard Growth Guide

Growing a beard can be tricky. You can’t expect it to be like how you want it to be. If you are having trouble with your beard or have questions that you want answered before growing one; You are at the perfect place. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned beardsman, this article is your ultimate guide to growing the perfect beard.

Making a Choice

The first step is to decide the look. The length, style, thickness, and mustache all come into play when growing a beard. It all depends on the kind of face you have and the kind of style you want. Here you must not fall prey to the myth that a long beard is better. The perfect beard for you is the one you can grow and love. Taking inspiration from fellow beardsmen can prove to be helpful here. Look online at trending styles and choose the style you want, decide the length, and we can begin with our guidelines.

It is Not Just Hair

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that it is not just hair. It is a lifestyle. Your sleep patterns, exercise, and diet all affect your beard. High quality beard products matter as well. Yes, you read it right! However, it is not that difficult. After all, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can benefit you in more ways than just having the perfect beard. So, to get the beard you want you will have to choose accordingly.

Do Not Give Up

Before you begin, you must know that growing a beard can take time. It will go through multiple phases before it becomes what you want it to be. So, you cannot expect to grow a beard overnight. Give it time, take care of it, let it nourish and you will surely enjoy the end results of having the beard that you want.

How to Grow a Beard?

You cannot just leave your beard to expect it to be as good as you want. It demands care and attention just like your hair. Here are a few tips to help you to stand out.

Trimming the Neckline

After a month’s growth, most people are likely to have thick neck hair. Some people can rock with neck hair too. David Beckham, Adam Levine, and Brad Pitt are just a few to mention. However, for most people having hair growing down over your Adam’s apple is not helpful. If you are looking forward to growing a big beard you should not trim for a couple of months. Nevertheless, you should trim that neckline if you want to avoid that caveman look. Here are a few guidelines:

  1. Take an electric trimmer. A razor will also do. Go with whatever u find comfortable.
  2. Now hold your neck up. Take your index and middle finger. Put it on your neck horizontally such that your middle-finger is on your Adam’s apple. The position of your index finger marks the point that joins your neck and your head. This is your neckline.
  3. Start trimming from this point. Move along your jaw. 
  4. Now trim the hair downward from this newly formed line till your neck is clear.

Remember: Make sure that you do not trim the neckline too high if you want to grow your beard out. Do not remove the hair from under your jaws. Most of the beard’s shape is going to come out from your neck. 

Trimming Your Cheek Lines

Most people don’t need to trim their cheek lines. Everyone has a different type of cheek hair. In most cases, they are the slowest to grow. Thus, we recommend trimming your cheek hair after at least three months of beard growth. This will also give time for your cheek lines to become visible. Most people do not see what their real cheek line is and end-up trimming too much. The general rule is to keep your cheek line a little higher than where you think it should be. A low cheek line makes it look like you have a chinstrap or neckbeard. Trimming your cheek lines makes your beard look neat and it gives your face a fresher look. Use high quality shaving cream on your cheeks such as Proraso Shaving Cream Refreshing and Toning.

Washing Your Beard

You might think that using your regular shampoo for a beard will be a good idea but it is not. These shampoos are designed for your scalp skin. The scalp skin is much oilier compared to the skin underneath your beard. The regular shampoos are designed to remove the excess oil from your scalp which is too much. When used on a beard, which is less oily, these shampoos will wash away the oil necessary for a healthy beard. Thus, your beard will be dry, there will be lots of itching and hair loss too.

Hence, you must use a good quality shampoo to wash your beard. Try different products to find the perfect fit for yourself. But do make sure that all those products are certified and come from a good company. Mountaineer Brand Timber Beard Shampoo provides a rich lather and avoids stripping away essential oils from your beard.

Using Beard Oil

Your beard takes all the necessary nutrition from the sebum produced by your skin. These essential oils can be washed away while showering. Due to drier skin, your beard can become itchy, or can cause hair to thin and fall out.

Beard oil provides your beard with all the necessary oils and nutrients, keeping it replenished and hydrated. Start using beard oil from the very start so that you can have a softer and more manageable beard. They are also the best way to add fragrance to your beard. Zeus Sandalwood Beard Oil has a woodsy, cologne-like scent that conditions your beard and leaves it smelling great. It will help you smell good and at the same time nourish your beard. Beard oil is a worthy investment with lots of benefits.

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