How to Treat Hair Loss

Don’t stress, you’re not alone. Hair loss among men is extremely common. Several factors contribute to hair loss to a degree, but the male-pattern baldness is predominantly hereditary – caused by a genetic trait received from your parents. So, how do you best salvage what you have left?

First, the bad news: baldness is incurable. OTC and prescriptions medications treat baldness by slowing the rate of loss or help grow new hair. BUT once you stop using it, the hair loss trend continues.

The good news is that you can incorporate tricks and tips to make your hair loss stand out less.

  1. Thinning shampoos and conditioners with BIOTIN (key ingredient) strengthens hair for a fuller look.
  2. Contrary to common perception, a shorter cut is far more attractive for thinning hair than trying to cover baldness by maintaining length.
  3. Lightweight styling products are best for thinning hair. Heavy products will clump hair and expose more scalp.
  4. Handle your hair gently without much abrasion.

If you’re feeling very self-conscious about your hair, remember this: hair doesn’t make the man. Play to your other traits or things you can control, like staying in shape. And if you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, look to The Rock as a beacon of hope.

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